What is a Special Service Vehicle?

What is a Special Service Vehicle?

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘Special Service Vehicle’ but unsure of what it actually means? Or maybe, you figure it is for special service vehicles such as police or fire vehicles but don’t exactly know what these vehicles all consist of or what the perks of them are. We here at Tim Lally Chevrolet in Ohio, we have several partners that include Go Rhino, Rockland Custom Products, Magnetic Mic, and Kustom Signals Inc. to name a few that help create our S.A.V.E program. Within this program, we provide support to our surrounding communities for our law enforcement, EMS and fire vehicles!

Special Service vehicles are vehicles that are enhanced with special equipment in order to take on the rigorous day to day activities that these vehicles must go through such as conquering any type of weather and road conditions at accelerated speeds. These vehicles also spend a significant amount of time on the road and gather a lot of miles quickly, meaning they are built to last longer than other vehicles due to their advanced equipment. To learn more about the Tim Lally Specialty Advance Vehicle Equipment (SAVE) program, give us a call today at (440)-644-3968. You won’t find anywhere else that you can offer both the Chevrolet PPV Police or Fire vehicle a state of the art up-fit for less!

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