What is a rotary airlock valve?

What is a rotary airlock valve?

Have you ever experienced a time, where you were unsure of the product you were looking for or perhaps, you knew what part you needed but not sure of its exact function? At Hose Warehouse, we strive to help customers with each of their needs and help them to make informed purchases that they can be sure of. While you can always use the search feature on our website to find what you are looking for, you can also talk directly to our team to find exactly what you are searching for!

Do you ever wonder or are you unsure of the purpose of a rotary airlock valve? Or maybe you have heard of these as rotary airlock feeders or rotary valves? No worries, you are not the only one and those each have their own sole purpose. These come in two different styles which include vacuum style and pressure style and are both commonly used in conveying systems. A rotary valve itself can be paired with either an airlock or a feeder, depending on its specific function in mind.

With that being said, lets focus on the rotary airlock valve. A rotary airlock valve is different than a rotary feeder because it helps to separate different pressures while materials are passing through it. A rotary airlock feeder helps monitor how much material enters and exits the component while creating a pressure differential. These valves come in a variety of different sizes depending on the purpose, industry and what best suits its needs. If you are ever struggling to find what you need, be sure to reach out and contact us!

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