What Chevrolet Vehicles come in Manual?

What Chevrolet Vehicles come in Manual?

As we look back to where vehicles started to how far they have come along, it is absolutely crazy what technology can accomplish! Here at Tim Lally, we love Chevrolets constant drive to satisfy every customers wants and needs including those who still love vehicles that operate on a manual transmission. Take a peek below to see which models still are offered with a manual transmission!

Looking for a vehicle with manual transmission? Here are the Chevrolet models that are still offered in manual transmission but let me warn you, the list is quite short –

· Chevrolet Camaro – With this being a high-end muscle car, it makes complete sense that this would still be offered in manual. Afterall, it is what makes the driving experience so fun and exciting, right?

· Chevrolet Spark – This little beast packs a punch, let me tell you. While you may not think it to be necessary to offer the Spark in manual, it is quite the contrary. It makes this vehicle one of the most affordable in the market – how awesome is that?

These two allow those to still purchase manual vehicles and are quite the opposite as far as style and purpose making them the perfect two to still have available.

Curious what other models are available? Take a look around on the Tim Lally Chevrolet website to check out the new 2021 models along with their upgrades. Also be sure to check out all of our specials on both leasing and purchasing the vehicles of your dreams. Remember, we are always here to help and look forward to working with you.

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