Servicing your BMW during COVID-19 at Koala Motorsport

Servicing your BMW during COVID-19 at Koala Motorsport

While this can be a very scary time for everyone with the Corona Virus spreading rapidly, we still have our basic to-do lists each and every day that need to be done, includin

g servicing our vehicles. Here at Koala Motorsports, we will be maintaining our normal business hours for any of your BMW, Porsche, Mercedes or Mini vehicles needs. We also will pick up your vehicle within a 30-minute radius and drop it back off to your house while handling all appointments over the phone when

possible. This way, we are partaking in social distancing, attempting to down the spread of Covid-19, while helping not only our customers but our staff as well.

During our time with your vehicle(s), we will take all precautionary measures absolutely possible to maintain all sanitary needs. It will be sanitized at least twice, once when it arrives and once again when it is ready to be picked up or if we drop it back off to your house. While we understand not everyone is on shutdown, such as health care providers and police officers and are still required to go to work, we will also offer a concierge service! We can drop off a loaner car either at your house or place of employment to help your vehicle receive the services it needs, whether that is an oil change, tire rotation, or filter change to name a few. Since we understand that your schedule can be quite hectic, especially with everything going on, we made it easy for you. You do not need to be present when the loaner car is dropped off, just simply preplan a drop off place during your appointment via phone call and we will handle the rest – can’t get much easier than that!

Koala Motorsport wants to be there for both their customers and their staff while this devastating pandemic takes over our lives currently. With that being said, that is why we want to make everything safer by making all communication and payments available over the phone, providing a top-notch concierge service, providing loaner vehicles, constant and consistent sanitizing and not allowing our beloved customers to wait at our facility while we service their vehicles. While this can be a bit challenging to navigate around, we truly are trying our best and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your constant support!

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