Police & Fire Upfitting

When certain jobs require the use of vehicles everything, it can cause a serious strain on the vehicles especially for those in the first responders’ areas such as police officers and firefighters

. Vehicles are used every day on a regular basis, and they are pushed to their limits by driving many, many miles and often at higher speeds when responding to calls. This is where the Tim Lally S.A.V.E program comes into play!

You may be asking yourself, what does the S.A.V.E portion mean? This program stands for Specialty Advance Vehicle Equipment which is where Tim Lally started to dive deep and partner with a variety of emergency vehicle vendors such as Code 3, Rockland, Magnetic Mic, Lund Industries, and Go Rhino just to name a few. By partnering with these vendors, it allows us to not only offer you Chevrolet Emergency Vehicles, but you can even get a state-of-the-art upgrade for less – yes, you read that right it would be less!

By utilizing this program through Tim Lally Chevrolet, it also gets rid of the middleman and the finger pointing that often occurs when working with a dealership to get your emergency vehicles and then going through a separate vendor for the upfitting. We all work together as one to give you the best of the best for any and all of your emergency vehicle needs!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Tim Lally Chevrolet Family that has always been a huge support system to law enforcement along with fire and EMS, please contact John so you can start utilizing the S.A.V.E program today and get the upfitting you have always wanted!

Tim Lally S.A.V.E.

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