Package difference between 4x4 and Z71 Chevrolet Trucks

Here at Tim Lally Chevrolet, we pride ourselves on being honest and open with our customers at all times. That is why we are going to discuss the package differences between 4x4 and Z71 packages in trucks in case you are torn between your options! To begin, 4x4 and Z71 trucks are sold by both Chevrolet and GMC. However, it is quite possible for a truck to either contain the 4x4 package or solely the Z71 package, you do not need to have both. Now, let’s dig in a bit deeper.

Let’s say you have decided on a brand new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and you are trying to decide if it is really worth adding on the Z71 package. With the Z71 package, you will get upgrade shocks, an unde

rbody transfer case shield, recover hooks, a high capacity air cleaner, all-terrain tires, hill descent control, recovery hooks, brushed metal sill plates plus a few other features! Exciting, right?? What the Z71 package does versus the standard 4X4 package is prepare both you and your truck for anything and everything. It adds durability, ease of use off-road and aesthetic features that are very pleasing to the eye!

Whenever you are ready, Tim Lally Chevrolet is here to help! We can look through, test drive, and fully discuss all options that are available to ensure you are making the right investment for your wants and needs. Not everyone has the same goals in their vehicles. Some just want their vehicles to be able to get them from point A to point B successfully, while others want to be able to drive on any and all varying types of terrain safely and efficiently. As part of our Tim Lally Chevrolet family, we cannot wait to take on this next adventure with you!

Tim Lally Chevrolet

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