Maintaining Chevrolet Sales and Service in 2020

Sarah Smith | January 19, 2020

Chevrolet has been around for many of years and has created a trust-worthy brand for itself. When people think of Chevy, they usually think of dependability, reliability and affordability. In order to maintain customer satisfaction in 2020 with sales and service, Tim Lally Chevrolet must create an unforgettable experience for their customers through their customer experience, quality assurance, and their vehicle development process over the next decade.

Quality Assurance

No one wants to own a vehicle where they don’t have a sense of assurance in the quality. As consumers, we want a vehicle that we can depend on each and every day that it will get us to and from one place to another, protect us, and keep us safe. While we try to give the best quality possible from the start, regular maintenance visits to our service department increase the longevity of your vehicle and keep the quality at its best.

Vehicle Development

Here at Tim Lally Chevrolet dealership, we take feedback from our Chevy family seriously to continuously produce the best vehicles on the market. Through various vehicle development strategies, we can create safe and efficient products for not only you, but your friends, family and even co-workers to enjoy. Not only is safety important, but so is the understanding of how consumers utilize their vehicles and interact with them. With this information, we are able to create all of the unique features to fit y

our lifestyle and exceed all of your expectations.

Customer Experience

With quality products and positive interactions with staff, top notch customer service can be achieved. This requires the understanding of your customers in order to figure out their wants and needs and how you can best serve them. The more that we can understand the customer, the more that we are able to maintain our sales and service goals through this new decade. A few ways that we can measure their experience is through the customer satisfaction index which allows our customers to leave their feedback on their experience within the sales and service departments.

Through these three areas, we will be able to maintain our top-notch sales and services and grow over the course of the new decade. Not only will 2020 be a great year for all of our Chevrolet family, but as always, we are going to exceed our goals as a dealership and make it a great year as well!

Tim Lally Chevrolet

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