How are LiDAR speed guns calibrated?

How are LiDAR speed guns calibrated?

Are you curious as to what LiDAR guns are or have you ever heard of a LiDAR gun? Most of you may know at least the gist of what they are without directly knowing. LiDAR guns are used to radar traffic and are also known as radar guns. They are used by law enforcement officers to catch speeds of those driving whether they are going the speed limit, exceeding it or maybe even going under the speed limit.

Generally, radar units should be calibrated every 30-60 days in order to ensure their accuracy, although every state and law enforcement community has their own set of rules and guidelines to follow just as we do here at Tim Lally. Some believe that LiDAR speed guns should be calibrated before each and every shift with tuning forks, as well as before and after each and every ticket that is given to ensure accuracy to the best of their ability.

That brings us to our next important point – how are lidar speed guns calibrated? Well, here at Tim Lally through our S.A.V.E. program, we utilize tamper-proof software that ensures unmatched certification integrity, meaning that our results cannot be altered. The software stores data and generates certification while not only certifying the radar, but the tuning forks that are used as a part of the calibration process as well. With that being said, we also offer as little as 24-hour turn-around. To learn more, check us out here!

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