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Feel at ease when vehicle shopping at a Female Owned Dealership Ignite Marketing Group, LLC | November 29th, 2019 Ready to purchase your next vehicle? Buying a vehicle can seem like an overwhelming task in general, but sometimes it can be even more overwhelming for women. Oftentimes, women feel that they get taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge within the motor vehicle industry or they get belittled and patronized, which can take away from the excitement that comes with purchasing a new vehicle. Fortunately, there are female owned Chevrolet dealerships out there that can help create a sense of ease not only for  women, but for all shoppers in general. Ready to go shopping for your next vehicle? Maybe you are a mother shopping for your daughter's very first vehicle or maybe you need to upgrade in vehicle size to accommodate for your triplets that are due in just over three months. Either way, you as a woman, know you would like to purchase a Chevrolet vehicle but do not want to be taken advantage of or talked down to as if you don’t know anything simply because of your gender. This is where finding a woman owned car dealership could make this process less stressful and more exciting, as it should be. In the meantime, you do some research, and find a female owned dealership called Tim Lally Chevrolet located in Warrensville Heights, OH. You hop in the car and once you arrive at Lally Chevrolet, you are greeted with a nice warm welcome from the dealerships owner named Kim and Mike Lally! Not only are you instantly put at ease; you feel a sense of trust and are ready to find and purchase your next vehicle. Even more exciting, is that once you enter the dealership, you notice that there is a nail salon to get your nails done while you patiently wait for paperwork to be prepared along with a movie theater and kids area to help keep the children occupied for the next time you bring your vehicle in to be serviced! These little nice touches that female owners incorporate is what helps make a difference and exceed customer expectations. The Perks of Women Owned Dealerships Break the “normal salesman” Stigma When women shop for vehicles, they do not want to be pressured. When they walk into a male predominant dealership, almost always, women automatically dwell up with worry, fear and mistrust making their shopping experience nothing less than undesirable. When women greet you on the other hand, most of the time it allows for both men and women to take their suit of armor off because women are more empathetic than men – it has been scientifically proven. Better Customer Service Another strong trait of women is that they generally tend to listen to your direct wants and needs a bit more attentively. If you tell Kim you have a budget of $15,000 to stick to, you are looking for a compact SUV such as a Chevrolet Trax that has less than 40,000 miles on it, that is exactly what she will look for. Women’s natural nurturing skills can go a long way in leadership and sales positions as they can listen to any challenges and will want to help you find a route around those obstacles. During this time, women can feel more confident in themselves and their negotiation skills making it an exciting process once they find the vehicle they are most interested in! Difference between Genders While both men and women can be extremely successful in sales industries, this does point out differences you may notice between the two genders when shopping for your next Chevrolet vehicle. Some people may prefer working with a male sales person while others may prefer working with a female sales person. The most important thing is that every single customer that walks through a set of dealership doors feels comfortable and confident each and every time. There is no doubt, that when you purchase a Chevrolet vehicle from Kim as the female dealership owner, that the process will be smooth from start to finish. You will feel confident and very informed in your purchase and not left feeling like you’ve been taken advantage of, especially as a woman. Not only can female customers feel relief, so can female employees within her establishment as her strong empathetic and listening skills create a successful and trustworthy professional culture! written by: Sarah Smith 

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