DeLorean – The past, present and the future

Past – When did this sports car come to exist? The DMC DeLorean sports car, commonly known as the “DeLorean”, has been around since the early 1980s. Many of you probably know it from the famous movie “Back to the Future” but there is so much more to it than that. Its rare wing-like doors and stainless-steel exterior is what attracted so much attention initially. For anyone who owns an original, to get DeLorean parts, you must special order them from Delorean Industries were they are specially made and can be custom. Now let us fast-forward to the present time. Does the DeLorean still exist and how to restore? Present – Is there currently any DeLorean sports cars available?                Have you ever wanted to restore or build your own DeLorean? Starting from the frame all the way to the marker lights manufacture spec parts can be found at DeLorean Industries located in Tallmadge, OH. They even have performance parts like twin turbos for your rebuild/restore project.          There has been talking that at some point in 2019, the DeLorean will be making its long-awaited return. According to Calum Brown, the DeLorean “…is set for a manufacturing comeback once federal officials grant the all-clear” in his article ‘A New DMC DeLorean could be with us for 2019!’. While it will keep its famous exterior and body style, it will have many updated features including its engine, breaks, navigation system, etc. While the present may seem super exciting, the future is very bright for the DeLorean. Future – What to expect            While the manufacturing date has not been released yet, the new and enhanced DeLorean can be pre-ordered to ensure you receive one of these iconic sports cars. Manufacturing is located in New York while assembly will take place in Northern Ireland. Similar to all sports cars, the new DeLorean will have a hefty price tag attached. There is talk that it will cost around $100,000 roughly, however, the improvements will be well worth it. Unlike the original DeLorean, this one will be meant for driving & not simply for show – how exciting! Calum Brown – Motorious Delorean Industries

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