Customer Service at its finest!

Customer Service at its finest!

At Hose Warehouse, we value our relationships with our customers. Not only with our current customers, but with past and future customers as well. Whether we are experiencing extended lead times, introducing a new brand to our product lineup, or trying to help you select the perfect hose, we want you to know how important you are to us. Without customers just like yourself, we simply could not exist, and we never ever want to take that for granted.

With that being said, we want you to know that we are here for YOU! Looking for a hose, but can’t seem to find the specific one you are looking for? Or maybe, you are torn between a few and need help deciding? Simply contact our customer service team! Eagerly awaiting to help you with any and all of your needs, our customer service team is full of knowledge and ready to serve you.

Finding the right hose can be overwhelming and sometimes you just need a second opinion so you can make a confident purchase. With so many brands including Adaptall, Eaton, Banjo and Contitech to name a few of the many, some just simply don’t have the time to look through them all to find exactly what you’re needing and that is where our customer service team comes into play! Simply give us a call at (330)-535-7105 or fill out this contact form here and one of our customer service representatives will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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