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Ignite Marketing Group | December 14, 2019

Are you by chance in the Beachwood, Hudson or Cleveland area looking to repair your vehicle? Do you happen to have a Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Porsche or BMW? If so, you’re in luck! Our Koala Motorsport repair shop can service all of those brands of vehicles from any of those three locations. Our knowledgeable staff and service team make it an easy and stress-free experience for you.

While there may be some BMW Dealer service centers near you, the owner will give you the individualized attention that both you and your vehicle need at his independently owned repair shop. His master technician level of knowledge combined with excellent customer service and communication skills will leave you feeling confident in your service provider choice and in the repairs of your vehicle.

Cost, Experience, & Convenience

Often times, BMW Repair shops that are independently owned are more competitively priced than dealerships. Their costs are made up of two different things – labor and parts. To stay competitive, their hourly rates are sometimes lower than dealerships and they are able to get their parts at a discounted price. They can do this because they go directly to the manufacturer that originally created them.

While competitive pricing is an advantage for customers, you also want to make sure you are dealing with an experience technician. Luckily, the owner of these three shops is a master in his trade and he transfers all of that knowledge and experience to his employees. Anytime you take your vehicle in, you will deal with the same technician allowing you to create a long lasting and trustworthy relationship. You will not just get shuffled through as if you are a number, instead you will become part of the BMW Repair shop family.

The convenience that comes from a repair shop is far superior to any dealership. Repair shops are located across the country making them very easy to access especially if you are near the Beachwood, Hudson or Cleveland area! The cozy customer lounges and wi-fi access make it easy to wait while your vehicle is being serviced. You can get work done, relax and watch tv, or even read a book while you wait – the choice is yours!

Choose an Individually owned BMW Repair Shop

With going to an individually owned repair shop, your appointments will be on-time, you will be able to build a relationship with your technician, and you will receive irreplaceable customer service. While you may need to go to a dealer for any warranty related repairs, that doesn’t mean you cannot take all of your other repairs and routine service needs to a licensed BMW Repair shop.

By: Sarah Smith

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