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Ignite Marketing Group was created to help drive success for business owners online. Using analytics to develop SEO, SEM, and Google Adwords strategies to overcome current and future obstacles. 

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Driving your Online Business

Over 8 years of marketing & sales experience with a speciality within the automotive industry. Focusing on distributing the Online Marketing industry by showing customer the truth behind the numbers. Ignite Marketing does not want customers to spend money that that will not ultimately return an ROI.


Ignite Marketing Strategized with every customer at least once a month to ensure not only their business is growing but their client is quality. Located outside Cleveland, Oh in Mentor, OH. We are a United States based company and prefer in person interactions with our clients.


Ignite Marketing strives to be the best online marketing partner to every business. With a proven process to success, Ignite is a growing company that would love to hear more about your business.  

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The Process

Audit your Current Web Presence

During this process, we perform over 10 different types of audits on your site. Checking site speed, back-links, keywords, site errors and your current SEO. Providing a first look into what we can do for your business!

Establishing Best Site Plan

Information provided by our deep dive allows us to focus on key areas of your business. Fixing necessary outliers to engage in our 3rd step

Create Synergy

Develop your NEW strategy utilizing competitor data and analytics from your business to drive SEO, SEM and Ad-Word campaigns 


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